Artakua Blue Color


Brand: Artakua



Supplementary Food For Ornamental Fish
This food enhances pigmentation in blue aquarium fish with its natural pigment sources. It is an extrude food specially prepared for healthy, fast and maximum color development of your fish. It contains algae with high protein, DHA and carotenoids, crustacean flour as a natural color source, spirulina and chlorella. The coloring effect starts on the 15th day of feeding, and excellent coloration is obtained within 30 days.

Fish and fish byproducts (premium fish meal), cereals, vegetable protein sources, soybean meal, plant based oil, high quality fish oil, mollusks and shellfish (krill meal, gammarus meal, squid meal), algae (schizothymia sp., chlorella sp., spirulina sp.), garlic, vitamin premix, mineral premix, mold inhibitor, choline chloride.

Directions for Use
Feed once a day, as much as the fish can consume within a short time.

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